Sean Smirnov

Polymath, notable for intellectual honesty, data-driven storytelling, and ability to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries, Sean is a pioneer that approaches healthcare and technology with entrepreneurial spirit and out of box thinking. He fervently contributes his cross-functional background in medicine, technology, business, research and policy making to developing the best ideas in collaboration with talented and brilliant people.

Whether he is caring for patients, founding student organizations, launching internet products, or endeavoring in real estate and business ventures, Sean is excited about affecting positive change in the world. With great ambition, Sean moved to the U.S. over a decade ago with $44 in his pocket and the drive to lead within the healthcare industry. As an adviser focusing on taxation, education, regulation and other issues facing healthcare industry, Sean worked with Massachusetts Senate President Senator Richard Moore, where he demonstrated a potent mix of methodological competence and business acumen.

After earning his bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and psychology, Sean continued his education as a MD candidate from University of Massachusetts Medical School. His areas of focus included clinical innovation, healthcare value-based management, and innovative technologies, especially as they relate to technological advances in healthcare. Graduate of inaugural Cornell Tech MBA class at the new Cornell University campus in New York City, Sean combines his passion for medical imaging and technology with management aptitude for the betterment of health care. Keeper and reiterator of the vision, Sean discerningly believes that medicine will fulfill the growing expectations of the humanity - feed the hungry, overthrow ignorance and prejudice, and cure disease - by amplifying physicians devotion to patient-centered care via scalable technologies.

American College of Medical Quality
110 E Schiller St, Suite 230 | Elmhurst, IL 60126 USA