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Monday, April 13, 2020  



Next Steps for Success in an Uncertain Era


On behalf of the ACMQ Board of Trustees, I wish you and your family, friends and professional colleagues good health, positive spirit and optimism for the future. Having myself been sheltered at home (aka “lockdown”) for 30 straight days, I am especially grateful for all healthcare professionals on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic and give special thanks to all ACMQ members who have been working tirelessly to win this battle. Since my term began as ACMQ President two years ago, I have had countless discussions with many ACMQ members and can confirm that the College is going to continue to gain strength and courage as we advance in our 47th year in anticipation of our 50th anniversary in 2023. Witness that our membership is increasing in numbers and the American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ) has gained nearly 30% more views worldwide during this past year. Be sure to stay current with AJMQ Online as new medical quality information on COVID-19 is published over the next months as well.     

Several exciting new ACMQ projects are now underway. This year’s annual conference, Medical Quality 2020, is scheduled for August 24-26 in Chicago. While we are not certain yet at this writing whether we will be able to provide an in-person meeting, we do intend to provide live and recorded video conferencing content through full virtual digital access to our extraordinary line up of national experts. In the face of the pandemic, we also have been in close touch with other professional societies and are constantly discovering more about how to best deliver virtual conferences and educational resources to ACMQ members now and in the future.  

This year’s topic, “Ensuring Quality in the Era of Digital Health”, is even more timely than when we conceptualized this topic last year. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the deployment of vast numbers of digital health applications, including virtual visits, “safe” communication channels, live data and measurement displays, remote patient monitoring, educational sessions and professional networking to facilitate knowledge and innovation exchange. In addition, the digital world has allowed all of us to stay in close touch with patients, clinicians, students, family and friends as many of us navigate the near and far challenges of physical isolation in our homes. 

What’s even more exciting about MQ 2020 is that our meeting comes at a perfect time, as the world is now changing forever in terms of how healthcare quality is to be assessed, measured, and improved. There is no doubt that the future of quality improvement will provide exciting and new opportunities for ACMQ to re-imagine its role in this new world that lies before us. This will require all of us as ACMQ quality professional leaders to re-commit to continuous learning, technology-driven skill development, and actively contributing to new scientific and public health delivery innovations that can show a significant Impact on Quality (“IoQ”). 

This year’s MQ 2020 Faculty lineup is, in my view, one of the most impressive that ACMQ has had in its long history. Our stellar nationally recognized expert lineup currently includes:

  • David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACMQ, Founding Dean Emeritus and Grandon Professor of Health Policy at the Jefferson College of Population Health and Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ)
  • Don Rucker, MD, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) of the HHS Office of the Secretary
  • Michelle Schreiber, MD, Director, Quality Measurement & Value Based Incentives Group of CMS
  • Shantanu Agrawal, MD, MPhil, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Quality Forum (NQF)
  • Bakul Patel, Associate Center Director for Digital Health US Food and Drug Administration Center for Devices and Radiological Health (FDA CDRH) (Invited)
  • Maria Michaels, MBA, Public Health Advisor of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance Science
  • Byron Scott, MD, MBA, FACEP, FAAPL, CMS, Deputy Chief Health Officer of IBM Watson Health
  • Michael Rakotz, MD, FAHA, FAAFP, Vice President, Health Outcomes, American Medical Association
  • Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc, EVP Clinical Informatics & Innovation of Apervita and Professor of Biomedical Informatics & Professor of Medicine Vanderbilt University
  • Misty Roberts, RN, MSN, CPHQ, PMP, Associate Vice President & Clinical Quality Officer for Humana Health
  • Kathleen Blake, MD, MPH, FACC, Vice-President, Healthcare Quality, American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Jay Bhatt, MD, MPH, FACP, Former SVP & Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Association
  • Rick Afable, MD, MPH, FACP, CEO BeWell Orange County / MindOC and Former CEO Hoag Health (Providence-St. Joseph)
  • Constantin Aliferis, MD, PhD, FACMI, Director, Institute for Health Informatics, Professor of Medicine & Chief Research Informatics Officer, University of Minnesota
  • Marjorie Cowan Rallins, DPM, MMI, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI)
  • LaDale George, JD, Digital Healthcare Attorney and Partner, Perkins Coie Chicago
  • Karen S. Kmetik, PhD, Group Vice President, Health Outcomes American Medical Association
  • Abha Agrawal, MD, FACP, FACHE, Founder and Investor, A 4 Clinics Delhi, India and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, Northwestern Medical School
  • John Windle, MD, Cardiologist, Medical Informatician & Professor, Internal Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center

You can expect that the primary topics of conversation from these experts will be focused on their own perspectives and experiences through the wide lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of the evolving key questions that we expect the MQ 2020 Faculty will be discussing and debating include:

  • What are the most important lessons learned from local, regional, national and global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Is the digital health industry prepared and able to generate real world evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic that demonstrates a significant impact on quality (“IoQ”)
  • What role(s) should medical quality professionals and ACMQ play in terms of measuring, evaluating and ensuring significant IoQ of these evolving digital health technologies? 

The MQ 2020 Planning Committee is currently and actively determining the best combination of formats for bringing this excellent content directly to you. While we have not yet entirely abandoned our plan to hold a live meeting in Chicago at the Fairmount Millennium Park, ACMQ fully intends to provide you, through the best format of your choice, a rich, interactive and lively experience designed to bring the latest “cutting edge” thought leadership necessary for the future. More information on MQ 2020 activities can also be found below in this issue of ACMQ Member Focus, including the MQ 2020 QI Bootcamp, our annual “Quality Scholars” competition, and how to submit your Virtual Abstracts online.    

We have also created a dynamic online “Digital Health Primer” which we’ll update on an ongoing basis for those interested in attending the ACMQ MQ 2020 annual meeting. 
Stay tuned for evolving new information on our website and future messages through ACMQ member e-mails and our Social Media sites.   

If you haven’t already done so, please read my recent ACMQ President's Statement on COVID-19 message of April 6, 2020. And send me your comments and questions to  

On behalf of the ACMQ Board of Trustees, Stay Spiritually Positive and COVID Negative! 


President, American College of Medical Quality 

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