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Member Engagement & Education Committee Update

Tuesday, January 7, 2020  




ACMQ Member Engagement & Education Committee Update
Donna Daniel & Julie Caldwell, Chair & Co-Chair of Member Engagement & Education Committee



The ACMQ’s Member Engagement & Education Committee (ME&EC) is responsible for increasing, improving, and maintaining all quality educational offerings from ACMQ with a primary goal of significantly increasing ACMQ member engagement through world-class, innovative learning opportunities developed and presented by ACMQ Quality Experts. Regardless of medical specialty, our vision is that our members view ACMQ as their “go-to source” for training, certification exam preparation, and publishing quality improvement (QI) and research.  
Our strategic approaches to increasing member engagement through education are two-fold: online and in-person. In the era of digital health transformation, ACMQ plans to expand its educational opportunities through digital platforms. For example, online learning through a learning management system allows for asynchronous learning, ability for members to earn continuing medical education (CME) and other continuing education (CE) units, and expands the ACMQ’s electronic footprint. 
ACMQ plans to organize the expansion of online training in several ways to better serve members’ educational needs. Online educational resources and training materials may be re-purposed for use by members in their quality and patient safety (QPS) training efforts (e.g., Grand Rounds, organizational QI programs). Online resources could include a “menu-driven library” customized for level of experience and knowledge (e.g., student/resident, fellow, distinguished fellow, professor), offer members the ability to select trainings based on their specific goals (e.g., self-learning, certification, advancement in ACMQ, teaching at their institution), and/or provide a “How-To” curriculum to develop an academic- or hospital-based QPS program. 
Recognizing diversity in learning styles, ACMQ will complement its online learning program with in-person sessions. Synchronous learning offers many benefits including interacting with renowned experts, playing off your peers, providing multiple sensory aspects to improve uptake. These live, interactive sessions will include a pre-conference QI workshop held in conjunction with the national meeting. Additionally, ACMQ may offer workshop modules and identify topic experts to create customized programs with CME/CE units. 
For its pre-conference QI workshop, our strategy in 2020 is to increase the involvement of those members who have recently received their medical quality certification and our student/resident and fellow members. We will also be using the recently updated medical quality management text (3rd edition) which will be available in early 2020. 
The ACMQ members represent a subset of the nation’s most experienced QPS experts and the ME&EC is prepared to continue to capitalize on their expertise and position its members to train those early in their medical quality studies, in the US and internationally. 
To accomplish these goals, the following activities will be completed in 2020. The ME&EC will partner with others to develop and deliver: 

  •  A proposal for expansion of our CME/CE unit program for enduring materials, 
  •  A proposal for a cost-effective learning management system, and
  •  An ACMQ member Speakers Bureau based on our quality experts, collect resumes, and identify topics for which they are our designated experts.


We invite anyone committed to improving quality and patient safety efforts in healthcare to join the ACMQ. If interested in membership, please visit the ACMQ Membership Page. 


If you are already a member and would like to join the Member Engagement & Education Committee, please reach out to co-chairs Drs. Julie Caldwell ( or Donna Daniel ( 

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