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A Message from the ACMQ President & ABMQ Chair 

Monday, September 30, 2019  

 New Opportunities for Synergy and Alignment Between ACMQ and ABMQ
Don Casey MD, MPH, MBA DFACMQ & Carmen E. Gonzalez, MD, FACP, CMQ 


The American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ) was founded in 1973, to educate and provide a forum for healthcare professionals and other individuals and entities involved in medical quality management; elevate the standards of the healthcare quality specialty by fostering and encouraging research in medical quality management; conduct and sponsor ongoing research and evaluation in the various fields of medical quality; and perform other activities that advance its exempt purpose which are permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In 1998, ACMQ established the American Board of Medical Quality (ABMQ) to develop and offer a certification examination and evaluation procedures for professionals and programs that present evidence of expertise, experience, and training in the field of Medical Quality Management (MQM). ABMQ is tax-exempt pursuant to Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Board members from both organizations met at ACMQ Headquarters in Chicago, with ACMQ’s legal counsel and ACMQ/ABMQ staff this past September to discuss new opportunities for closer mutual understanding, collaboration, transparency, synergy and alignment between the two organizations. Based upon these discussions, ACMQ’s and ABMQ’s respective Board members collectively identified certain collaborative actions/efforts the organizations could pursue to simultaneously advance their respective exempt purposes. The following list summarizes these collaborative actions/efforts the organizations will incorporate into a “Collaboration Agreement”:

  1.  The core curriculum for the ABMQ Certification in Medical Quality (CMQ) examination, as continually defined and developed by ACMQ is, and will continue to be, the foundation and an important major source of material for the development of examinations that can lead to the certification of leaders and other specialists in MQM.
  2.  ACMQ expects the 3rd Edition of Medical Quality Management to be published in 2019 and subsequently promoted by ABMQ as the main source of study material for future CMQ candidates.
  3.  Joint promotion and emphasis to Regular ACMQ membership as an important “fast track” qualifying credential in assessing ABMQ CMQ examination eligibility requirements. 
  4. Offering ACMQ annual membership dues discounts to existing CMQ holders who are currently not ACMQ members, especially through healthcare organizations with significant numbers of ACMQ members.
  5.  Offering a discount for the ABMQ Certifying Examination to ACMQ members who qualify to take the ABMQ certifying and recertifying examinations, especially for those ACMQ members from groups with ACMQ Organizational and Special membership arrangements. 
  6. Offering annual membership dues discounts to new ACMQ members who qualify to take the ABMQ certifying examination, especially through healthcare organizations with significant numbers of ACMQ members.
  7. Joint promotion and emphasis to current and future ACMQ members the importance of obtaining the ABMQ CMQ certification as an important criterion to become a Fellow member of ACMQ (FACMQ).
  8. More closely aligned ACMQ/ABMQ promotion of continuing professional educational activities, such as the Quality Improvement Workshops, CMQ Examination Preparation programs, the American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ), and educational MQM publications traditionally offered by ACMQ.
  9. Improved alignment with current national certification standards (e.g. NCCA) and evolving national Medical Quality Management professional competencies promoted by ACMQ and ABMQ.
  10. More closely aligned ACMQ/ABMQ co-marketing and other joint promotional efforts aimed at simultaneously increasing ACMQ membership and ABMQ certification nationally and internationally.
  11. Regular and more consistent transparent communication and timely cooperation between the ACMQ and ABMQ Boards of Trustees and staff, including the development and implementation of shared goals and joint performance metrics that reflect the spirit of these principles.
  12. Coordinated commitment to identifying leaders in the health quality arena to serve as Board Trustees, and in other leadership roles, in the respective organization, while ensuring adherence to appropriate Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures. 

We welcome your feedback and additional ideas as we progress on our journey of ensuring mutual success for ACMQ and ABMQ! Please contact us at


Don Casey MD, MPH, MBA DFACMQ   ACMQ President
Carmen E. Gonzalez, MD, FACP, CMQ   ABMQ Chair

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