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A Message from your President

Monday, January 14, 2019  


President's Message
Donald E. Casey, MD, MPH, MBA

Happy New Year! As president of ACMQ, I want to update you on the College’s progress in 2018 and what’s in store for 2019. Without a doubt, this is an exciting time for our members, who represent the top healthcare quality leaders across the country. 

First, ACMQ has never been better in its 45 years of existence. We continue to attract excellent new quality professionals to the College, who are anxious to advance their careers. Our vibrant Student/Resident/Fellow section consists of many “rising quality stars” who get excited about improving healthcare early in their careers. The annual Medical Quality meeting is a wonderful tradition, allowing representatives from many top healthcare organizations to participate in state-of-the-art conversations with our national experts about successes and challenges facing the field today. This meeting also allows attendees to catch up with old friends, network, and develop new relationships with other quality leaders like themselves as an ongoing professional “support group.”

The American Journal of Medical Quality remains an excellent and reliable source of quality improvement research published by thought leaders from many of the top academic medical centers and large health systems. Led by Editor-In-Chief David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health  and supported by the professional scientific publication team from Jefferson College, the AJMQ Editorial Board consists of an impressive group (close to 100) of the nation’s top quality and patient safety experts. 

Thanks to the excellent leadership of Mary Reich Cooper and Arlene Seid, the ACMQ Education Committee provides our members ongoing access to the latest topics in the field of Quality through our monthly webinars. In addition, this Committee organizes and hosts quality improvement training sessions at the annual Medical Quality meeting as well as for special requests from health systems, state medical associations and for the United Arab Emirates.

On the national front, ACMQ is also active in monitoring key health policy changes and participating in public forums and discussions regarding the field of healthcare quality.  College leaders participate routinely as members of the American Medical Association House of Delegates. The AMA House of Delegates consists of more than 500 physician leaders from across the US, and frequently debates and endorses important AMA policy positions on quality, quality measurement, value-based payment and other topics relevant to improving the Quadruple Aim.

ACMQ has also been an active member in the National Quality Forum since its inception and continues to actively participate in major committees, technical advisory panels and public forums. As we are one of the only few professional organizations with “Quality” in its title, the College is often at the center of many discussions and debates regarding consensus development activities for quality measures deployed in programs developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Center, State Medicaid Agencies, commercial payers, professional medical associations and other such major national quality and patient safety initiatives.

Lastly, ACMQ’s “Pride and Joy” is in our vibrant and growing Student/Resident/Fellow, or SRF, Section.. Since its inception in 2004, the SRF membership has grown to more than 100 members, who are all passionate believers in learning about how to improve quality and patient safety as an important career aspiration to become future national quality leaders.  All SRF members have direct access to an enthusiastic group of professional mentors throughout the entire rest of the ACMQ membership.

As President of ACMQ and on behalf of the ACMQ Board of Trustees and our management team led by Joe Jackson, CAE, I wish to think all of our wonderful volunteers for all of their great efforts in 2018. Stay tuned for all of the latest events and communications during what will prove to be an exciting 2019!  

ACMQ Board of Trustees

Don Casey, President
John Vigorita, President-Elect
Beverly Collins, Treasurer
Paul Nagy, Secretary
Mark Lyles, Immediate Past President
Mary Reich Cooper, Co-Chair, Education
Arlene Seid, Co-Chair Education
Dan Westphal, MQ 2019 Chair
Jim Cross, ACMQ Past President
Mark Monane, Finance
Fred Bromberg, Membership & Marketing
Sean Smirnov, Chair, ACMQ SRF Section

MQ 2019 Subcommittee                                    

Dan Westphal, Chair
Valerie Brown
Marsha Burrell
Julia Caldwell
Angelo DeCaprio
Linda Efferen
Charles Gill
Kiran Gupta
Nadja Kadom
Howard Kerpin
Cindy Lee
Roberto Locko
Paul Nagy
John Vigorita

ACMQ Student Resident Fellow Section

Sean Smirnov
Sydney Ramsey

Education Committee 

Mary Reich Cooper, Chair
Riccardo Correa
Donna Daniel
Andreea Dohatcu
Charles Gill
Jerry Jaboin
Bob Johnson
Deb Nandini
Ajanta Patel
Chandramohan Pingali
Arlene Seid
Julia Caldwell*
Don Casey*
Yosef Dlugacz*
Paul Nagy*
(*Webinar Faculty)

American Journal of Medical Quality


David B Nash


David J. Jones


Mary Reich Cooper
Albert Crawford
Mark Keroack
Vittorio Maio
Steven Meurer
Alexis Skoufalos
James T. Ziegenfuss


Deborah C. Meiris


Susan A. Abookire
Daniel Aronzon
Anne-Marie Audet
Richard Bankowitz
Paul Barach
Anthony Barbato
Andrea L. Benin
Evan M. Benjamin
Jan Berger
Rohit Bhalla
Thomas Biancaniello
Julia Caldwell
Charles C. Canver
Donald E. Casey, Jr.
Carolyn Clancy
Marie Cleary-Fishman
Jeffery Cohn
Nancy Davis
Thomas W. Diller
Joseph Drozda
Samer Ellahham
Adam S. Evans
John Ferry
Donald E. Fetterolf
Peter M. Fleischut
Terry Fouts
Tejal K. Gandhi
James Gill
Terry Ann Glauser
Neil I. Goldfarb
Norbert Goldfield
Jenna Goldstein
Kathleen J. Goonan
Mark Hackman
Christopher S. Hollenbeak
Mark Hurwitz
Eric V. Jackson, Jr.
Ted A. James
Donald A. Kennerly
John Kimberly
Stephen Lawless
M. Penny Levin
David G. Lindquist
Mary Lou Manning
Andrew Masica
David E. McNamara
James Merlino
Michael Millenson
Ira S. Nash
Andrew J. Norton
Willie H. Oglesby
James E. Orlikoff
Michael Parkinson
Arthur Pelberg
James F. Pelegano
Robert F. Pendrak
Monika Pogorzelska-Maziarz
Rhea E. Powell
Roy Proujansky
Scott Ransom
David Reiter
Jeffrey Rice
Lee Ann Riesenberg
Jeffrey Riggio
Alex Rodriguez
Bernard M. Rosof
Marc B. Royo
Harm Scherpbier
Stephen C. Schoenbaum
Sharon B. Schweikhart
Margrit M. Shoemaker
Stanton N. Smullens
Rachel Sorokin
Nelson Teich
Anjala Tess
George Valko
Prathibha Varkey
Lawrence Ward
William Weintraub
Mark B. Wenneker
Dan M. Westphal
Flossie Wolf
Sang Hoon Woo
Gary R. Yates
Eyal Zimlichman

ACMQ Sentergroup Staff

Joe Jackson, Account Executive
Jean Bean, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Jim Weinland, Director, Membership Services
Rachel Dillion, Senior Director, Meetings & Education
Moira Twitty, Director, Education
Emma Day, Education Coordinator
Kathleen Hardy, Meetings Coordinator
Mariam Gunja, Account Coordinator
Tom Radde, Website & Graphic Design Manager
Katie Lashmet, Marketing Coordinator
Spenser Davis, Account Associate
Michelle Suarez, Account Manager
Michelle VanAlstyne, Account Manager

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